User Agreement

When using BOSCO Yomitan Resort Condominium (hereinafter referred to as the facility), please understand the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as these terms) before applying. If you apply, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement. Matters not set forth in these Terms shall be governed by law or generally established practice. <Application for accommodation contract / registration of accommodation> ・ Those who wish to apply for an accommodation contract with this facility must provide the matters deemed necessary by the facility. In addition, you will need to register the items that are required by the Ryokan Business Law. <Payment of fees> ・ Payment of hotel charges etc. is only for credit cards, and in principle, payment is made in advance at the time of booking. <About use> ・ Phone reception hours are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ・ Check-in time is from 3pm to 10pm. If the guest does not arrive at 10:00 pm (one hour after the scheduled arrival time has been specified in advance) on the day of the accommodation without contacting the guest, Accommodation contracts may be processed as if canceled by the guest. ・ This facility does not have staff. Therefore, on the day of your stay, you will need to perform self-check-in by operating the tablet terminal installed in the reception room in the facility yourself. During the use process, there is a work to confirm the identity by video call with our staff. (Video calls may not be made depending on the time of day.) ・ Check out time is until 10am. Basically, we do not extend the usage time. ・ After the check-out time, the administrator may enter the room for cleaning. ・ Lost and found items found in the facility after check-out will be stored for one week unless instructed by the user. After the expiration of the period, it will be processed by our facility. Items in the trash box, food and drink, disposable tools, etc. will be disposed of on the day. ・ Since this facility is located in a rich natural environment, insects may enter the grounds and guest rooms. ・ This administrator may enter the site for management. ・ Responsibility for use occurs at the time of check-in and ends at the time of check-out. ・ If you violate these terms, you may not be able to continue using the service. In that case, the usage fee will not be refunded. ・ The use of this facility parking lot is free of charge for the user, but this facility lends a place and does not take responsibility for the management of the vehicle. ・ Please consult us in advance for the use of seminars and for-profit purposes. <Room Hours> ・ As a general rule, the user can use the guest room of this facility from 3:00 pm to 10:00 the next morning. ・ We may use rooms outside of these hours depending on the status of the reservation. In this case, the following additional fees will be charged. Until 3:00 pm 30% of room rate Until 6pm 50% of room rate After 6:00 pm Full amount of room charge <Use on the roof> ・ All rooftops are processed to improve the durability of the building, so it is forbidden to use fires on the rooftop. (Example: fireworks, cigarettes, lighters, etc.) ・ When performing BBQ on the rooftop, you can only use the electric plate provided by this facility. ・ Inhabitants living daily life live near this facility. The use of BBQ on the rooftop will end at 8:00 pm, as it may cause noise to the neighborhood. Upon completion, the plate will be collected. <Use of Jacuzzi> ・ Please refrain from using after 8pm as it may cause noise to your neighborhood. ・ Please wear a swimsuit. ・ Do not put towels in the bathtub as it may cause clogging. ・ There is no monitoring staff so please use at your own risk. We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or personal damages. <Lending equipment> ・ Because the number is limited, please contact us by the day before your stay date if you wish. <Prohibition of carry-on> ・ Explosives, explosives, gasoline, kerosene, volatile oils, dangerous chemicals, toxic gases, and other dangerous materials. -Drugs, illegal drugs or the like. ・ Waste, foul odor, unpleasant odor, odor, etc. ・ Animals (pets, wild animals, etc.) ・ Firearms and swords that are not legally permitted to be possessed. In addition, things that are prohibited by law. -Significantly large number of articles. A device that generates a loud sound. <Prohibitions> ・ Use is prohibited except for the scheduled date, scheduled time, scheduled number of people, and intended person. ・ Issuance and occupation after the scheduled use date. ・ Use only under 18 years old. ・ Gambling and discipline on the property premises. ・ Abuse or inconvenience to others, including neighbors (noisy activities such as loud conversations, and contamination of facilities around the facility by leaving garbage, etc.) -Hair dyeing and bleaching in the bathroom are not allowed. ・ Processing that changes the current state of the facility. ・ Various facilities, equipment, and other items taken out, fabricated, processed, and used for other purposes. * You can take your used toothbrush (and toothpaste), razor, hairbrush, hair elastic, hair band, cotton swab and cotton. ・ Leaving belongings, articles, etc. ・ After the customer leaves, if electricity, gas, water, etc. is found to be abnormally consumed, the actual expenses may be borne in full. ・ No smoking inside the facility. ・ Use of fire other than the provided equipment (bonfire, fireworks, charcoal, etc.) is prohibited. ・ Criminal acts, acts that lead to criminal acts, or acts that may cause such criminal acts. Acts that violate or may violate laws and regulations. -Anti-social use-Acts that infringe on the copyright, property rights, privacy or other rights of third parties or the administrator, and acts that may infringe. ・ In addition to the preceding paragraph, any act that may or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or the administrator. -Acts that violate public order and morals, or acts that may be. ・ Other acts that the manager judges to be inappropriate. ・ Please do not cut, collect, or damage the plants on the site of this facility. ・ Do not use detergent outside the facility, and do not allow sewage to flow out due to washing of oil etc. <Rejection / interruption of use> The facility may refuse or cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases. -When the user is a designated gang and a member of the designated gang or its related persons, or other anti-social forces according to relevant laws (enforced on March 1, 1992), such as prevention of unjust acts by gang members. -When the user makes a violence, intimidation, extortion, intimidating unreasonable request, demands a burden that exceeds a reasonable range, or is deemed to have performed a similar act. ・ When the behavior is overwhelming and intimidating, the Kramer, or the administrator feels afraid. ・ When it is deemed that there is a risk of acting against the provisions of laws and regulations, public order or good manners and customs. -When there is a behavior that causes inconvenience or danger to other people due to drunk, etc., or that significantly inconveniences other people. ・ When it is clearly recognized as an infectious disease. -When natural disasters, natural disasters, fires, power outages, lightning strikes, water cuts, traffic interruptions, snowfall, or other dangers are recognized. When use is not possible or expected due to failure of facilities / equipment, necessity of maintenance, or other unavoidable reasons. ・ In addition, when an unexpected situation or the administrator determines that the use must be suspended. ・ When you violate these Terms. <User's own responsibility and damages> ・ If buildings, facilities, equipment and other items are damaged, stained or lost, you may be required to pay the full amount of reimbursement, repair costs and damages for the time required for the work. ・ You shall be responsible for any actions you have taken in connection with the use of this facility, regardless of negligence. ・ If any damage is caused to a third party due to the use of this facility, it shall be resolved at your own risk. In this case, compensation may be requested for damages suffered by the administrator and the facility. ・ If the user violates the rules, or if the facility or the administrator suffers damage due to the intention or negligence of the user, the user shall compensate the administrator for the damage I will. <Notification> In principle, contact the user by phone or email. In addition, the notice shall be deemed to have been sent from the mail server of the facility manager. The administrator shall not be liable for any content that is not delivered due to inadequate e-mail environment or transmission route of the user. <Change / Discontinuation / Disclaimer> ・ In any case, such as when this facility cannot be used, damages and security deposits cannot be paid. ・ This manager does not take any responsibility for any accidents, theft, loss, breakage, contamination, etc. in the premises of this facility or in the parking lot. ・ We do not take any responsibility for natural disasters or any accidents caused by the carelessness of the users of this facility, or accidents caused by failure to comply with these Terms. -If the administrator deems it necessary, the rules regarding the use of the service can be revised at any time without notifying you. The revised terms will become effective at the time of posting on this site by this administrator. ・ The administrator may suspend or change the use without prior notice in the event of any of the following reasons. * When it is recognized that there are natural disasters, natural disasters, fires, power outages, lightning strikes, water cuts, traffic interruptions, snowfall, and other dangers. * When use is impossible or expected due to unavoidable reasons due to failure of facilities / equipment, maintenance, etc. * In addition, when an unexpected situation or the administrator determines that the use must be interrupted. The administrator shall not be liable for any damage sustained by the user due to interruption or change. <Discussions> Matters that are not stipulated in this agreement or matters that cause interpretation of these agreements shall be discussed and resolved in good faith in accordance with the Civil Code and other relevant laws and regulations. <About cancellation> The cancellation fee for reservation is as follows. Cancellation after the transfer will be refunded according to the following%, excluding the transfer fee. On the day of your planned stay / no-show without contact: 100% of the room charge The day before the scheduled stay date: 80% of the accommodation fee 3 days before the scheduled stay date: 50% of the accommodation fee 7 days before the planned stay: 30% of the accommodation fee 14 days before the scheduled stay date: 10% of the accommodation fee If you cancel your reservation, you will be responsible for the transfer fee for refund of the room rate. (The transfer fee will be deducted from the room rate you have received at the time of booking and will be refunded to your designated account.) <When the contracted room cannot be provided> ・ If this facility cannot provide the guest room contracted to the guest due to the convenience of this facility, with the consent of the guest, the hotel shall circulate other accommodation with the same amount as much as possible. ・ If this facility cannot make any arrangements with other accommodation facilities, regardless of the above provisions, the guest shall pay a compensation fee equivalent to the penalty to the guest, and the compensation fee will be applied to the damages. However, we will not pay compensation if there is no reason not to blame our facilities for the inability to provide a room. <Other notes> ・ If the facility becomes unusable due to an unforeseen situation such as a typhoon or other natural disasters, disasters or incidents, the facility may be closed. In this case, it will not be canceled. The paid usage fee will be fully refunded. ・ After check-in, the paid room rate will not be refunded, even if the estimated number of nights remains. Please note.