Privacy Policy and Cookies

1. Personal Information Protection Policy BOSCO Yomitan Resort Condominium (hereinafter referred to as “the facility”) will comply with laws and other guidelines regarding the protection of personal information in order to ensure the proper handling of personal information used by the facility for business purposes. This facility will establish internal rules regarding the protection of personal information, and make it known and implemented by our employees (including officers, employees in employment relations, temporary workers, etc.) and other related parties to improve and maintain them. . 2.purpose of use The facility will use the personal information obtained for the following purposes. ・ Provide services to customers ・ Contacting customers for the purpose of confirming reservation details ・ Guidance and confirmation related to payment, settlement, and other transactions ・ Guidance on the management and sales of this facility and its partners ・ Understanding, improving and developing the usage status of facilities and product services of this facility and alliance partners ・ Improvement of our facility website and our services and products ・ Other business incidental or related to the above purpose of use ・ Responding to laws and regulations or administrative authorities 3. Handling In collecting and using personal information, we will endeavor to keep customers' personal information accurate and up-to-date, clarify the purpose in advance, limit the scope of use of collected personal information, and handle it appropriately . In addition, we do not provide personal information of customers to third parties unless we have obtained prior consent from customers or where permitted by law. When providing customer's personal information to a third party, the information to be provided is limited to the necessary range, obligating the provider to manage personal information by contract, etc. and providing appropriate supervision. 4. Inquiries regarding personal information Personal Information Protection Officer GK Rising S Contact: Rising S Division, GK TEL 090-1949-0940 Reception hours 10: 11-20: 00 5. Change of handling contents The contents of this announcement may be changed without notice due to changes in laws and regulations, changes in social norms, and other reasons.